Interactive Elearning Activities

Project Description

This is a project in which we had the chance to advise on the business strategy branding and software development for a client in the ed space in the US.

We developed the objects marketplace and the drag and drop objects together with the configuration engine that powers them.

Instructors could include drag and drop objects in their online courses by copying and pasting an html code in their LMS. Students then access the objects both from their phones or PC.

The Project

  • Our team designed from scratch the web interfaces needed for the exercises to be both intuitive for students to work with and at the same time flexible enough so the whole system could be configurable by the instructors without special training.
  • The frontend components where developed in standard javascript so it could run in any environment.
  • We build designed and built the marketplace where pre-formatted exercises could be loaded and shared or sold by instructors to other instructors.

Involved Skills