Social Network & CRM

The Challenge

Flip the consumer relationship with retailers. Typically when consumers want to purchase a product or service, they start their search on the web or by requesting feedback from friends. Our client sought a platform where users could express their needs so retailers would then be able to make offers to satisfy those needs.

Our Solution

Using lean startup and SCRUM processes, we built a place where users can express their needs in a way that Facebook friends and local retailers are notified and prompted to help by offering advice or sending coupons.


The application is currently being used by the first thousand beta testers and we’re working with both the testers and the retailers to optimize the experience for both parties.

The Project

  • Our team designed from scratch the web interfaces needed for the exercises to be both intuitive for students to work with and at the same time flexible enough so the whole system could be configurable by the instructors without special training.
  • The platform was developed with security in mind to prevent fraud in online tests.
  • For that we included questions at the end of every video that where related to the video details.

Involved Skills