Fruit Trading Marketplace

Salix Fruits

The company

Salix Fruits is a company that has grown in the double digits annually for around 10 years in the global fruit trading business and the import and export of fruits in the United States.

The challenge

Understanding that trading is an information management and services business, Salix approached us to pose the challenge of helping them transform the company into a technology business with the ability to scale at a rate much higher than that of its traditional industry.

Our Approach

To face the challenge, we decided to divide the problem into stages, going from marketing, to sales and  then to the inner operation. During the first year we worked on a hypersegmented marketing system to communicate to each possible client the relevant price offers according to their country and the products they usually buy.

In the second year we focused on generating a marketplace that allows Salix buyers, sellers and operators to manage supply, demand and a great part of the container logistics and financial operation.

Customers not only receive segmented product prices based on their purchasing habits, but they can also track their orders from the time they are shipped to the origin of the order to satisfy them. Everyone can now access the physical tracking of containers as they leave and enter ports or warehouses and the real-time status of the collection and payment status of shipments.

Growers can use the tool to offer their products spontaneously, also generating spontaneous offers to buyers.


We are removing every barrier to growth in the company by shifting bottlenecks and outsourcing tasks that slow us down.

We significantly increased trust in a young company like Salix by giving better visibility to clients and collaborators about the company’s processes.

Collection times got reduced by improving the productivity of the department and ensuring that new clients are encouraged to trust the company with bigger shipments in a shorter time.

We will continue to walk this journey with Salix until it becomes one of the most relevant fruit traders worldwide.