Social Promo Apps

Leveraging Social Networks
Since 2009, we focused on the in-depth knowledge of social networks and how to leverage the social graph to generate reach beyond the expectations.
Based on these new social mechanics, developed social solutions for brands, that generated hundreds of thousands of shares, likes and interactions.
If you want to promote your product using word of mouth, encouraging those who already bought it to refer it to their friends, do not hesitate to call. We know all the secrets of the new social media environment.

Samsung Argentina

Product Launches

He helped Samsung launch new phones with viral facebook campaigns with video contests and photo contests that attracted hundreds of thousands of users.

Lenovo LATAM

Product Launches and Branding Apps

He helped Lenovo launch new products, mostly computers or other branding campaigns with social campaigns, email marketing and viral games and applications for each occasion.

Kimberly Clark - Huggies

Viral Promos

We created a viral application that helped pregnant mothers choose their future kids name. They could later share the name options with friends and so the app turned viral and at the same time we where able to know the date of birth of these babies so we could send this mothers sample diapers to try on time.