Interactive Math Training Platform

The Challenge

50% of college students drop at their first year, mostly because they can’t pass the basic math skills required to move forward in their education. We we’re prompted with the challenge of developing a self paced math experience that instructors could assign to students being left so they can practice math with an online guide that would help them understand the process in each kind of problem.

Our Solution

Based on proven principles of instructional design, we developed a template so that the teacher could write the original content for the storyboards. We then created the animation and recorded the accompanying audio narration.

The educational platform we developed has a strong focus on the learning process, presenting students with real life problems to solve every twenty seconds and offering immediate feedback to keep track of their progress in the course. The platform also includes a comparative benchmark so students can compare their progress with that of their classmates.

The platform was developed with html5 and javascript and optimized to run on both PCs and mobile devices.


The result is a robust, ready to educate, manage, and evaluate hundreds of thousands of users in any location.

Animated Videos

More than 4 hours of animations produced by Lyncros.
Below you can see a sample animation for one of the scenes

Involved Skills

The Project

  • Over 1,100 unique math problems
  • Immediate feedback with worked out solutions
  • A detailed reporting tool that provides performance data on the individual, class, or course level
  • All scenes have been developed through student focus groups and created by math faculty
  • A virtual math palette – accessible when students are solving problems where mathematical symbols and expressions are needed (makes inputting answers easy)
  • At the end of each module our “Additional Exercises” will correspond with the problems from your specific textbook
  • A unique gaming feature challenges students by ranking the top five scores for each module
  • Customize the order of the modules to fit any textbook you currently use
  • The custom calendar software allows you to start and stop each module on specific dates for each instructor in the department
  • Set a mastery score (that must be achieved before progressing) for your specifc students for each module