Decentralized quality crops and food production

Blockchain | Mobile App Development | Growth Strategy

In partnership with relevant agro players, we are building a digital platform for sharecropping production based on decentralized growers and investors leveraging blockchain technology for boosting hectares area, efficiencies and margins.


We are developing simple tools for growers to report their activities on the filed and how they fit into a pre-agreed plan so crops can be produced in partnership with input providers, insurance companies, financial institutions who can now finance with lower risks.


On the other hand we’re working with buyers around the world who value differentiation in the production process so thy can get access to quality crops. first.

Realtime Production Dashboards

Multi farm productions can get real time information about each of their crops when service providers and growers validate and sign in blockchain their work.

Partners can then have certainty the production is moving forward as expected.

Land Declaration

Growers declare the crop areas so we can show them satellite imagery to help them get a better picture if NDVI