Club Huggies

Club Huggies

Huggies – Kimberly Clark

We built the loyalty club for retail stores selling Huggies diapers in Argentina and Uruguay

The Challenge:

Build tools to influence how the diaper retailers market Kimberly Clark’s products.

Our Solution:

We built an online loyalty program where we use a gamified experience of points, achievements, and rewards to encourage distributors to visit the brand site weekly, follow the latest posts on best practices, complete e-learning courses, and collaborate with peers.

The solution integrates an app used by company reps visiting retail stores that feeds directly to the company’s CRM quality information about each retail store.

We measure how ir POP material being used, how clean is the store, how are they displaying products and the product mix. All this information is fed to CRM and we use it to provide a more relevant incentives program.


More than 2500 retailers from all across the country are actively participating in the program. All critical communications between Kimberly Clark and its retailers is carried out exclusively through our newly created system.

We automated all the Retailer onboarding and education process.