Our Solutions

We partner with entrepreneurs trying to transform their industries and bring our technical expertise to build and drive growth.

We work with your team to go from an idea to your minimum viable comercial product. Mobile Apps, enterprise software.

The best way to activate your people’s network.  Social tools to activate networking and custom plugins for your Organization.

Process robotization trough the integration of artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain.

What we do

We have been providing dedicated engineering and design talent to leading International companies for 15 years. We fill talent gaps. Short term, long term, on-site and nearshore. Our whole process is designed for speed, reliability and user experience. Contact us now to find out how we can supercharge your team.

About Us

We are a company with extensive technological know-how, efficient processes and software products that allow us to help our clients transform, be more efficient and grow.

We believe that the way to generate digital transformation in companies begins by building minimal products that allow us to generate rapid results, measure and design the best way to scale.

We currently maintain an installed base and service infrastructure in the United States, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Chile.

Why Us?


Know How

Leverage our experience in various businesses and technologies to find powerful solutions.



We are leaders in digital transformation processes integrating the latest ready technologies.



We can deliver quality product fast thanks to our DevOps handling and tightly controlled process.



We practice teamwork every day and value talent as the heart of the company.

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We are strongly results driven.

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A Great Team

Matías O'Keefe

Matías O'Keefe


Telecoms engineer, EMBA @ ITBA & Serial entrepreneur.  He is the link between business needs and a deep understanding on transformative technologies. Constantly working on topics from marketplace dynamics, blockchain, AI and ML.
Tincho Epelde

Martin Epelde


He is the person in charge of growing the company, understanding the market and the main problems of the clients. He has extensive local and international experience, having held management positions in different multinational companies.

Juan Florio


In charge of the company’s operational strategy, he oversees the entire portfolio of projects, providing quality services aimed at total customer satisfaction, helping them to reduce costs and increase sales considerably.
Diego Camps

Diego Camps


He is focused on defining the process strategy derived from our clients objectives contemplating new technologies. He has experience in different areas, which generates a holistic vision of the needs to be solved.