The Challenge

Have an environment capable to support up to 200.000 users per day logged in a mobile app, supporting the whole CI/CD cycle for all the affected areas as the backend, IOs, and Android applications as well as a Frontend for the Admin central portal

Our Solution

Using DevOps methodology, we deployed our solution using Terraform, to automate the creation of the environment for Dev, Staging, and Production. We used Docker in all the steps to containerize the application not only in the higher environments but also for local testing of our developers. At last, a Kubernetes environment was developed to autoscale the solution based on the amount of request received, not only letting the customer support 200.000 but also more than 500.000 users.


The application is currently being used for the first 100.000 users, and with the autoscaling configuration, the customer is reducing the cost of resource usage in the cloud.

The Project

  • Our team designed from scratch the environments in an automated way, giving the possibility to our customers to replicate all the scenarios as many times as need it.
  • The platform was developed with security in mind guaranty users privacy and platform stability.
  • A monitoring and log analytics solutions were implemented to alert the customer team every time a deployment fails and also to debug the application configuration.