The Challenge

Design, Architect, and deploy auto-scalable solutions cross regions between the US, Germany, and Spain to migrate an e-commerce platform to the cloud.

Our Solution

We automated all the solution implementation using CloudFormation in Amazon Web Services, as requested by the customer.

From the security perspective, we designed and implemented the IAM policies for more than 200 internal users as well as the definition of the branch strategy for the developer team 

Using Docker as containerization solutions we provided the developers the required tools to deploy and test the application locally before deploying to lower and higher environments ensuring the quality and functionality of the application from local to production environments.

At last Kubernetes cluster as well as MySql databases across regions were configured to support the customer requirements.



The customer is saving right now up to 40% of the budget estimated before migration, and the application is being used for more than 500.000 users across the world with an SLA of 99% of the service uptime

The Project

  • Our team designed from scratch the environments in an automated way, giving the possibility to our customers to replicate all the scenarios as many times as need it.
  • The platform was developed with security in mind guaranty users privacy and platform stability.
  • A monitoring and log analytics solutions were implemented to alert the customer team every time a deployment fails and also to debug the application configuration.
  • Across region solutions in place to provide worldwide services with high quality of service.